YCCTEAM Pro Controller Compatible with Switch
YCCTEAM Pro Controller Compatible with Switch

Compatible with Switch / Switch Lite, YCCTEAM Pro controller is a wireless game console with rechargeable battery, turbo, motion shock and adjustable alarm functions

YCCTEAM designed the Pro console as a traditional gamepad suitable for users who want to be bigger, heavier and more traditional. It has motion controls, two-stroke motors and an ergonomic design. Plus, thanks to the game's good balance, top-notch battery life, and virtually no input lag, you'll have smooth gameplay and many small features. At the same time, the gameplay of shooting and driving games is instantly improved. The button-matched Pro console achieves the goal of providing an ideal alternative control system for the serious gamers.

  • Three-step contrast control compatible with switch: YCCTEAM designed the professional console to be a more traditional gamepad for switching fans that provides motion control, dual-vibration motors, and an ergonomic design. The contrast function is specially developed for Level 3 frequencies. Press the "T" key. The left joystick can be increased or decreased. very useful. If you want a more traditional Switch-compatible game console, there are accessories designed for you.
  • Three-stage turbo compatible with Switch or Switch Lite: Not only can it adjust the frequency of sports shock, but also provides more powerful three-stage turbo function for the Switch or Switch Lite. It also supports all game switching functions like racing games or shooting games. In the game, you only need to press the "T" key and the right joystick to perform the setting. You no longer need a turbocharger, just press the "B" and "T" buttons at the same time and it will turn off.
  • Wake up function and professional sleep mode control function: Most of the external switches do not wake up, but we only pressed the "home" button for 3 seconds, then we got on the console and started the game, no problem. To turn off, press the Home button for two seconds, then click the A button. Then the button turns into standby mode. We think that might make this additional gaming console one of the most important accessories for many gamers.
  • It is a great replacement for keys. With the built-in rechargeable battery, you can play wirelessly for up to 10 hours, which means plenty of time to average playing time. Don't worry if the battery life is insufficient. You can plug it in and keep playing. It also supports four professional controllers for playing games and spending quality time with your friends or family.
  • Buy Now: You will get a professional, high-quality, reliable game console, ideal for loading game consoles. If you have any questions about YCCTEAM console for pre-sale or after-sale service, please feel free to contact us. All messages will be answered within 24 hours.

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