Samsung has discontinued some Bixby AR features
Samsung has discontinued some Bixby AR features

According to the notification to users in the camera app, Samsung will stop offering a bunch of augmented reality features for its Bixby voice assistant at the end of October.

Screenshots released by Android Police show that Bixby Vision will soon support Bixby Vision, a feature similar to Google Lens provided by Bixby. It no longer supports translation, makeup, home decor and styling functions.

With Bixby Vision, users can translate words, search for products online, identify landmarks, and more.

(Bixby Vision) also includes an augmented reality section with some features, such as: b. Emojis that can be designed for augmented reality and augmented reality stickers, checking real-time home accessories, makeup tools, measuring, etc.

The functions involved - settings, makeup, home decor, and design - offer many augmented reality functions.

The location feature has map icons added to the Samsung camera to highlight local attractions, restaurants, and stores for easy navigation.

The make-up feature can add lipstick, blush, eye shadow and other virtual cosmetics like Snapchat filters to your face.

The home decorating function provides virtual furniture that can be placed around the house, and the modeling function provides virtual sunglasses for you to try.

Android Police advised that these moves will not cover all of the augmented reality features that Bixby currently provides.

The platform also includes real-time translation capabilities and accessibility features like Quick Reader, which can assist visually impaired users by reading the text the camera is seeing.

Since this functionality has not been explicitly mentioned, it is still present at the moment.

Samsung first introduced its Bixby voice assistant for the Samsung Galaxy S8 in 2017. This is an attempt by Samsung to compete with Google Assistant and other augmented reality services from Google.

The South Korean manufacturer has been aggressively promoting Bixby and is constantly adding Bixby buttons to call assistants on its Android phones.

However, according to Bloomberg News, some reports indicate that Samsung is negotiating with Google to promote the search giant's services on Samsung devices.

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