Shower Power Hydroelectric powered amplifier
Shower Power Hydroelectric powered amplifier

With the new shower power amplifier - the Ampère waterproof function - you can listen to your favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks in the shower, making your daily work easier in the morning.

The casing can be attached to any shower head and is made of 100% recycled plastic.

The device intercepts the flow of water to run a hydroelectric generator that charges the battery of the bluetooth speaker.

The shower performance is similar to the previous Hyquadio amplifier, but Ampere offers more options for controlling the speakers, including physical unit controls and a battery-powered remote.

When connecting amplifier and water flow, 2500mAh battery should last more than 80 hours at maximum volume. When the water is turned off, the number is reduced to about 17 hours at maximum volume.

(Ampere), given the size of the water recycling components, (Ampere) Shower Power can meet the needs of the boosted battery indefinitely in the size of 60% to 70%.

Ads indicate that the device has immersive sound, powerful bass, and is capable of producing a variety of sounds possible due to the different types of shower heads.

The waterproof standalone speaker can also easily play music in the bathroom. Unlike a shower power adapter, it needs to be removed every time it is charged.

Shower Power launched on the crowdfunding platform (Kickstarter) for $ 59 at a suggested retail price of $ 99.

You can purchase a waterproof remote control for $ 15 or an additional speaker for $ 20 and place an initial order through (AMP) on November 15th. The device will go on sale in December.

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