Snapchat adds the much awaited feature
Snapchat adds the much awaited feature

Snap has pledged to bring music to the Snapchat platform and is preparing to compete further with TikTok and Instagram.

The company announced that it will now allow all (iOS) users around the world to add song clips before or after taking a screenshot.

The feature is already available to users in New Zealand and Australia, and the company announced in August that it will bring music to more regions in the fall.

Snap did not say when Speech will be available on Android devices.

The company also said: This is a test that will allow people to voice their voice and add it to the lens. This feature will be promoted worldwide in the coming months.

Snapchat still misses feeds like TikTok, which offer a lot of music content to users.

Instead, Snapchat focuses on partnering with major publishers and building social connections between users.

When someone receives a picture with sound, they can swipe up to see the album art, song title, and artist name.

They can also click the play this song link to hear the full songs on other streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud.

Aside from describing their powerful and well-planned music list, Snap didn't make clear how big their music list is.

The company also said that its licensing agreements cover songs from Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, Warner Chapel Music, BMG Music and others.

Snap is generally unable to deliver music on its platform, as Instagram released music stickers for stories in 2019 and reels in August.

TikTok continues to attract teens and young Snap users. If these users insist on using Tik Tok instead of posting to Snapchat, then Snap is at risk of losing its lead.

Snap needs to bring music to its platform in order to keep up with the competition and stay relevant, even if only iOS users can access it at first.

As of June 2020, Snapchat had 238 million daily active users.

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