Tesla can reduce the warranty period for used vehicles from 4 years to 1 year
Tesla can reduce the warranty period for used vehicles from 4 years to 1 year

Tesla shortened the used car warranty in a different cycle that could be considered a belt tensioner. This is expected to be a significant financial report for the third quarter of 2020.

According to Electrek, the automaker previously granted a 2 to 4 year warranty on used S and X models, but now only offers a one-year or 10,000-mile warranty.

The used car warranty comes with the New Car Warranty, which is given by anyone who buys a modern Tesla.

Electric did not disclose why Tesla was changing the used car warranty, but said it could reduce customers' confidence in buying used cars from electric car makers in the United States. .

After Tesla lifted its bold return policy, Tesla lifted that policy, which allows new electric vehicle buyers to refund your full money within 7 days.

Tesla is expected to announce its third-quarter financial results this week. Earlier this month, the company announced that it had delivered 139,300 vehicles in the third quarter, breaking the previous record of 112,000 delivery vehicles.

Tesla said Monday that it will begin exporting Chinese-made Model 3 cars to more than 10 European countries this month and that the automakers joining the ranks will use China as an electric vehicle export hub.

The company began shipping cars made at the Shanghai plant in December last year. The company said that Chinese cars will be exported to countries such as Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland this month.

Even as tensions escalate between Washington and Beijing, Tesla continues to expand into China. The Shanghai plant is Tesla's first automobile plant outside the United States. The goal is to produce 150,000 cars this year.

While Tesla is building a German plant in the suburbs of Berlin, Tesla is exporting Model 3 cars to Europe after the federal government announced a subsidy of up to 9,000 euros for electric vehicle buyers (including Model 3 cars).

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