Tesla launches plan to enable its cars to self-drive
Tesla launches plan to enable its cars to self-drive

The US Auto Safety Regulatory Authority said on Thursday that it will closely monitor Tesla's plans for autonomous driving and is prepared to protect the public from safety risks.

Tesla released a test version Tuesday evening that it claims has developed its "fully autonomous" program to an unknown number of "experienced and discreet" drivers. The post contained messages from enthusiastic recipients sharing videos of independently driving cars on city streets at night.

Speaking at the Tesla results conference on Wednesday, CEO Elon Musk said the latest update will be released on a large scale at the end of this year as data is collected, and the system's strength continues to grow.

"The NHTSA has been informed of new features from Tesla that are an extension of its existing driver assistance systems," the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said in a statement. She added that she will monitor new technologies. It will not hesitate to take steps to protect the public from unreasonable security threats.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced in July that an accident investigation team had "investigated 19 Tesla vehicle crashes and believed some form of Advanced Driver Assistance System" was operational "at the time of the accident." Running around. "

Musk had always promised to provide self-driving services for the company's cars, but he missed many of the deadlines he set.

Researchers, regulators and insurance groups say true independence has been elusive and more complex for many years than companies expected a few years ago. They criticized Tesla for being seriously misleading in promoting the current semi-autonomous (autonomous) system.

Autopilot and similar advanced driver assistance systems can provide steering, braking and steering wheel acceleration assistance in limited conditions (usually on highways).

Describing the new program as "self-driving on city streets," Tesla said: The system requires active driver monitoring and cannot make the car completely autonomous.

Musk said Thursday, Tesla owners can buy "self-driving cars" for just $ 8,000 to update the price by $ 2,000 on Monday.

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