Thanks to xCloud Doom works in the Samsung refrigerator
Thanks to xCloud Doom works in the Samsung refrigerator

Richard Mallard Instagram user can run Microsoft's game streaming service (xCloud) via Samsung's smart fridge.

Mallard downloaded the Android version of the Xbox Game Pass app through Samsung Smart Fridge.

In theory, Android apps can be run from the Tizen OS used in Samsung smart refrigerators.

The app works in portrait mode via the smart fridge, and the game and fridge contents are displayed in the correct aspect ratio.

In keeping with the tradition of running Doom games with extraordinary equipment, Mallard decided to run the Doom Eternal (the latest in the series) on a Samsung refrigerator.

Previously, users had the option to play Doom in Minecraft.

(Doom Eternal) is the first game to be contacted after the acquisition of ZeniMax by Microsoft (Xbox Game Pass).

The issue with switching to Samsung Smart Fridge (xCloud) is interesting, but it also means that Microsoft's game streaming service can be used via the refrigerator and then activated via an iPad or iPhone.

Apple previously banned the (xCloud) and (Stadia) services from (iOS) and (iPadOS), but it recently revised its policies.

With Apple, Microsoft and other companies can bundle cloud games into separate apps through the App Store.

There is no such restriction in Android that allows xCloud to work on a variety of mobile phones, tablets, and smart fridges.

Microsoft has been indifferent to the recent changes in Apple's cloud gaming policy, which is why the possible version of the iPhone and iPad (xCloud) has been forgotten.

The company is currently developing a simple browser-based solution to launch xCloud on iOS in early 2021.

At a recent conference, Microsoft Games Director Phil Spencer announced that it had developed a browser-based (xCloud) solution to bypass Apple's restrictions.

The Mallard promised its followers to post a full video of its success later this week, and Spencer did not mention the smart refrigerator, but this video makes it clear that it is not a problem.

Since Samsung announced its collaboration with Microsoft on cloud services earlier this year, Xbox Cloud games for Android Smart TVs are expected to roll out.

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