The death of the character that turned Samsung into a global tech powerhouse
The death of the character that turned Samsung into a global tech powerhouse

Samsung Electronics announced the death of its chairman, Li Jianxi. Lee Kun-hee was hospitalized after a heart attack for more than six years, making the company a global smartphone, semiconductor and television giant. .

The cause of death has not been revealed, but Lee Kunxi lost his ability to work for many years after suffering a heart attack in 2014, which prompted him to retire from public life.

It is widely believed that his son, Vice President Lee Jae Young (Lee Jae Young), was responsible after his father's death and was considered a de facto leader in recent years.

Lee Kun-hee is a controversial figure who has been instrumental in transforming Samsung from a maker of inexpensive televisions and devices into one of the most powerful tech brands in the world.

He became the richest man in South Korea and the Samsung group contributed nearly a fifth of the country's GDP.

"Li Jianxi announced the new leadership in 1993. This is an incentive for the company's vision to provide the best technologies for the development of the international community," Samsung said in its statement.

Lee Kun-hee was also in legal trouble and was found guilty of bribing President Roh Tae-woo in 1995 and tax evasion and embezzlement of public funds in 2008, but was formally pardoned by all. condemnation.

South Korea's justice minister said at the time that a second pardon had been granted in 2009, which allowed Lee Jianshi to return to his seat on the International Olympic Committee and put himself better in the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics.

According to Forbes, Lee Kin-hee's net worth is $ 20.9 billion. His death is expected to revive people's inevitable speculation about the succession process and possible actions, including his actions at Samsung. The possibility of reorganizing the group.

Lee Jae Young (Lee Jae Young) served as Chairman of the Board for a long time, but since his father's incompetence ran into his own legal troubles and got involved in the corruption scandal that former South Korean President Park Geun-hee (Park) was for nearly a year in prison. Thicken).

Since Lee Kun-hee resignation, the Samsung group has now faced the biggest government change since Cheil Industries merged with Samsung C&T in 2015.

Samsung Electronics has grown from a second-tier TV manufacturer with sales to the world's largest tech company in its lifetime, surpassing Japanese brands such as Sony, Sharp and Panasonic in chips. Televisions and displays that make use of Nokia devices and ends in this area. Defeat your Apple smartphone.

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