The European Union wants to enable uninstalling of already installed applications
The European Union wants to enable uninstalling of already installed applications

The Financial Times reported that the European Union is using a proposed "Digital Services Law" to force large technology companies to share large amounts of customer data with smaller competitors.

The British Financial Times newspaper said: Companies such as Amazon and Google will not use the data collected through the platform for their own commercial activities unless it can be used by business users in business. The same company.

The Digital Services Act is the first major reform of the European Union’s approach to internet regulation in two decades.

Brussels hopes to set global standards for the digital economy and to tap into the deeply entrenched advantages of large technology companies.

French Interior Market Commissioner Thierry Breton said earlier this month that the European Union is preparing a blacklist that would remove the platform's behavior from its business practices.

Margrethe Vestager, executive vice president of large tech companies, warned in February that dominant firms should open their data to smaller competitors.

The project is an early sign of Brussels' commitment to respect ideas on paper and that the organizers are fighting against Silicon Valley.

The size of 30 EU bans or pledges to curb corporate power could affect tech giants.

Other parts of the project include the rule that platforms (companies with massive power because they run websites or marketplaces where others do business) should only use the data they have collected. For limited purposes only.

The project states the following: The platform must not use the data received from business users for any purpose other than advertising services or advertising services.

The project proposes to prevent large technology companies from benefiting from preferential treatment for their own services on their sites or platforms.

The draft also states that companies should not have the option to install their own apps on laptops and other devices first, or to force other companies to install their software first specifically.

Brussels hopes that the main platform will allow users to uninstall any applications that were originally installed on devices such as smartphones and computers.

Brussels will likely be rejected by tech companies. Regarding the Digital Services Act, Google suggested updating the existing rules instead of looking for a different legal framework.

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