The heads of Facebook and Twitter are due to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee
The heads of Facebook and Twitter are due to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee

The US Senate Judiciary Committee said Friday that the directors of Facebook and Twitter will testify before the committee on November 17 to make a decision to ban news about the son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

On Thursday, the Justice Committee voted to summon two administrative directors. The committee said: The two leaders will testify about allegations of bias against conservatives.

The two companies have been criticized by conservatives for reporting two reports of spreading misinformation.

The chief executives of Facebook, Twitter and Google also agreed to testify before the Senate Commerce Committee on October 28, after appearing voluntarily in court earlier this month over an important law protecting internet companies.

In addition to discussions about amending the Act, Section 230 of the Communications Ethics Act, which protects Internet companies from user responsibility for posting content, the hearing will raise questions about protecting consumer privacy and standardizing communications. The media.

US President Donald Trump of the Republican Party blamed technology companies for suppressing conservative voices, a cause of his administration. As a result, there was a strong demand for Section 230 reform ahead of the November 3 elections, but the chances of congressional approval this year are slim.

Earlier, after the Justice Department announced legislative proposals to reform the law, Trump met with nine Republican prosecutors to discuss the fate of Article 230.

The chief executives of Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon recently testified before the Antitrust Committee of the House Judiciary Committee. The committee is investigating how the practices of its competitors have been affected and a report is expected next Monday.

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