The iPhone 12 launch in China has seen short queues compared to previous years
The iPhone 12 launch in China has seen short queues compared to previous years

Apple began rolling out two of the latest iPhone 12 models in China on Friday. Previous preliminary demand data shows that consumers are showing strong interest in 5G devices in the company's second largest market.

With most orders now placed online, there are fewer people online outside of the Apple Shanghai Mall than there were before the phones were launched.

“It gives us great pleasure to be the first customer to buy a new iPhone,” said Yan Pingqing, 30. He added: "I waited a long time."

The new green iPhone 12 was also a hot topic on the Chinese app Weibo on Friday, which received positive reviews.

Apple's announcement reportedly received mixed reviews in China last week. However, analysts are expecting an increase in demand this year as loyal iPhone users end up purchasing new compatible devices. With the advanced 5G infrastructure.

Chinese e-commerce site ( recorded initial orders for all four iPhone 12 models, reaching 1.6 million on the first day the first order was announced.

Another fan (Joe Lin) waiting for Apple products said: "I said from the bottom of my heart that Apple was launching an iPhone that supports 5G networks a little late." He added, "I hope this will happen last year."

Research firm Canalys said: Apple and Huawei are the only two companies that have increased shipments to China this year. Apple's annual growth rate for the second quarter of 2020 is 35%.

A day after Huawei announced the launch of the new Mate 40 mobile phone, the iPhone 12 was launched in China. Some Chinese customers have said they are waiting for the iPhone 12 purchase decision.

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