The judiciary again rejected the government's request to ban WeChat
The judiciary again rejected the government's request to ban WeChat

A judge in San Francisco, USA, on Friday rejected a Department of Justice request to overturn the previous ruling that allowed Apple and Google to continue publishing the China-based WeChat app and downloading the app through the US app store.

US judge Laurel Beeler said: The new government evidence has not changed his view on the Chinese company's (WeChat) Tencent app, which will remain in the US app store.

The Ministry of Justice has said that WeChat, like the Chinese video app TikTok, is a threat to national security.

WeChat has 19 million active daily users in the United States and is popular with Chinese and American students in China, as well as some Americans who have personal or business relationships in China.

WeChat is an all-in-one mobile application that combines similar services as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, making it an important part of the daily life of many Chinese with over a billion users in China.

The US Department of Justice has appealed Judge Piller's ruling, asking him to continue using the China Mobile app in the Ninth Court of Appeals. However, a judgment cannot be made until December.

In a lawsuit filed by WeChat users last month, Baylor blocked an order from the US Department of Commerce that was due to go into effect on September 20 and demanded that the app be removed from the App Store. American.

The US Department of Commerce order also prohibits further US transactions with WeChat, which could make the app unavailable in the US.

Bueller wrote on Friday: "The evidence does not support the conclusion that the government carefully planned to prevent transactions to protect national security interests, but rather the conclusion that the restriction is necessary to inflict serious harm on users, and not to promote / encourage / enhance / grow / develop." Legitimate government interests. "

The app user stated that the US government's search for an unprecedented ban on the use of full means of communication was only to speculate about the harm Americans have done to the app.

At a hearing earlier this month, Justice Department attorney Serena Orlov said that Tencent could use WeChat to collect digital copies of a person's life, thus strengthening the government's position with Tencent.

In a similar case, the US Court of Appeals agreed to speed up the government's decision preventing the government from banning the Chinese app TikTok from downloading new videos from the US app store for sharing. Short video clips.

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