The PS5 includes many popular streaming apps
The PS5 includes many popular streaming apps

Sony has confirmed in a new blog that it will introduce several popular streaming apps including Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, Apple TV Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Hulu, Peacock and Twitch. (PS5) was released on November 12.

This means Sony's next-generation system is in control if you don't want to use the PS5 just to play games (whether you're streaming movies from Netflix or music from Spotify). Download popular streaming apps as they release.

(Owned by Warner Media) (HBO Max) is no longer listed and (HBO Max) is currently in a contractual dispute with Amazon and (Roku) over the integration of the new streaming app across platforms.

Sling's pay TV service has also been removed from the list. Last year, Sony discontinued PlayStation Vue to compete with its pay-TV service (Sling).

The real-time animation streaming service (Crunchyroll) owned by the parent company that owns HBO Max will be available at launch.

In addition, Sony has confirmed that the previously unmarked four buttons on the PS5 Media Remote will act as dedicated control buttons for Spotify, YouTube, Netflix and Disney Plus streaming apps.

The remote control will be released on November 12th with the platform (PS5) that can easily navigate and control the entertainment experience (PS5). However, the platform doesn't come with this remote and it can be purchased separately for $ 30.

The remote control also allows users to adjust sound and playback settings from a compatible TV.

With the launch of the next generation platform in just a few weeks, Sony has shown the world that the next generation platform is not just a platform for playing video games.

It also provides four control buttons for some popular media streaming apps, as well as a newly released system interface, including a separate home screen for entertainment apps, to better understand how PS5 users access them. Use the day it was posted. platform.

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