The ROAR kitchen robot is available for $ 30,000
The ROAR kitchen robot is available for $ 30,000

Miso Robotics has announced that its latest processor, ROAR, is on sale worldwide for $ 30,000. However, the company hopes to bring the price down to $ 20,000 in the future.

Miso Robotics is one of several companies trying to automate food preparation.

The company also offers the option to rent ROAR robots for a $ 1,500 monthly rental, which includes maintenance and upgrades. This is generally cheaper than hiring employees, according to Miso Robotics.

ROAR robots are installed on raised rails to avoid inconveniencing employees and can cook up to 19 types of food.

The robot developed by the company can automate the simple preparation of food, especially any food that requires frying and grilling.

The robot uses machine learning to locate food and uses cameras (including Intel's 3D depth-sensing cameras and thermal imaging cameras) to navigate its surroundings.

The robotic arm uses a shallow spoon to pick up a basket of food for frying and can turn the burger over and perform basic grill maintenance such as cooking. B- Scrape off the burnt materials and remove the excess fat.

Today, the robot's AI system has been trained to recognize more types of frying ingredients, and now it can submerge more things in hot oil than before.

This menu includes chicken nuggets, chicken wings, shrimp, French fries, potato wedges, onion rings, and waffles.

The company has updated the robot software that kitchen workers use to control machine operations via a 15.6-inch touchscreen.

Robots like ROAR are widely used as productivity enhancing devices so that people can focus on more professional tasks like serving customers. However, its introduction complicates people's work.

A recent report on Amazon warehouse automation found that the introduction of robots increased productivity, but at the expense of human workers, who suffered the most from tracking machines.

As the business downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic has put pressure on the hospitality industry, the company believes that robots working with human workers can lower costs while improving efficiency and public safety.

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