The United States is appealing a judge's decision to ban TikTok ban
The United States is appealing a judge's decision to ban TikTok ban

The US government said in a lawsuit on Thursday that it will appeal a judge's decision to ban him from blocking new downloads of the short Chinese video-sharing app TikTok.

The Justice Department said: It has appealed to the US Court of Appeals in the Capital District.

At the end of September, a US judge temporarily blocked the Trump administration's order and banned Apple and Google (owners of iOS and Android) from offering Tik Tok apps on the App Store and Google Play.

The Chinese app owner ByteDance is under pressure to sell the best-selling app. The White House has confirmed that TikTok raises national security concerns as the Chinese government can obtain personal information from 100 million Americans who use the app. Any implementation agreement has yet to be reviewed by the US government's Foreign Investment Commission.

It is also reported that negotiations are underway between Walmart and Oracle to acquire shares in the new company TikTok Global, which will oversee TikTok's US operations.

However, the main terms of the deal (including majority ownership) remain controversial. Bytedance also said: Every transaction requires approval from China. Beijing has revised its list of technologies subject to an export ban in order to have a say in every Tik-Token transaction.

Likewise, the US Department of Justice said Friday that it will appeal a judge’s decision to prevent the government from banning Apple and Google from downloading the Chinese instant messaging app (WeChat) to the US app store.

The government announced that it will appeal to the US Ninth Court of Appeals, issued by District Judge Laurel Piller, on September 19, 2020. The ban prohibits orders from the US Department of Commerce. This will also block further US transactions with WeChat. (Tencent) is a subsidiary of the company that may render the app unusable in the United States.

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