The WordPress feature can convert blog posts into Tweets
The WordPress feature can convert blog posts into Tweets

WordPress has introduced a new feature that allows an entire post to be automatically published as a series of Tweets on the Twitter platform that includes all text, images, videos, and embedded content.

You can access this function through the green jetback icon on the far right of the address list at the top of the page and the current option to share links with Facebook and other social networks.

Depending on the platform, it will be easier to post WordPress content to Twitter where you can submit the content as a separate tweet or as a tweet thread (called tweetstorms).

WordPress took formatting into account when designing this feature. If the clip is too long for a single Tweet, it will automatically split into multiple Tweets.

This feature doesn't add as many words as possible to the first tweet and makes the remaining words appear in the second tweet, rather than adding a comma at the end of the sentence.

You can add an introductory message at the beginning of the topic. This feature must be careful not to break sentences and paragraphs when determining where to end the first tweet and where to start the second tweet.

To give you more control when writing an article, this feature shows where the split occurs so that you can control how the article is displayed as you type on Twitter.

If you do not have a Twitter account connected to the site, you can click on the Connect Account option to allow WordPress to post content to your Twitter timeline.

If you tweet from multiple accounts, you can add multiple Twitter accounts and each link will only need to link once.

Sharing an entire blog post on Twitter is a helpful way to increase content coverage, increase engagement, and build followers. The last feed tweet adds a link to the article on your website.

There is an option to preview the appearance of the feed. However, this requires a subscription to the WordPress Business Plan for $ 25 per month or the E-Commerce Plan for $ 45 per month to access the social preview feature.

Note that there are several popular services such as (ThreadReaderApp) that you can use to format long threads in a readable format.

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