TikTok joins Shopify to join social e-commerce
TikTok joins Shopify to join social e-commerce

Canadian e-commerce company Shopify announced on Tuesday that it will partner with TikTok to help more than a million merchants promote their products more easily through its video sharing app in order to expand its customer base.

The alliance with Shopify, which provides e-commerce platforms and sales services to most small and medium-sized businesses, is an offer for Walmart to buy shares in the Chinese company.

(Shopify) said: This partnership enables their merchants to sell products in the form of buyable video ads, whereby Tik Tok users can click on ads to purchase products.

The company stated that all transactions will be conducted through the website (Shopify), which will help the Toronto-based company to increase its online sales, and that the two companies will work together to test new businesses in the coming months. ” Features".

“We are excited to welcome TikTok as the number one partner in the business world, especially as our retailers prepare for the season,” said Shopify's vice president of product (Satish Kanwar). Online shopping fees during the holidays.

TikTok - With 100 million monthly active users in the US, it is always looking for new ways to connect the brand with its users.

TikTok Vice President of Global Business Solutions (Blake Chandley) said in an email, "Shopify is an ideal partner for building and expanding our business capabilities worldwide." These companies did not provide any financial details about the partnership.

Wal-Mart sought to strike a deal with TikTok to bolster its advertising strategy by helping the world's largest de facto retailer target a younger audience. However, discussions over investment remain marked by political uncertainty.

The US Court of Appeals is expected to hold a hearing on November 4 to consider the possibility of allowing the US government to block transactions with TikTok. TikTok has warned about the move, which effectively bans its use in the United States.

In June of last year, Wal-Mart also partnered with Shopify to expand its online shopping business. Due to the emergence of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) COVID-19, Walmart gained a larger share of revenue growth from online sales.

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