Twitter chief: We were wrong when we banned the controversial New York Post article
Twitter chief: We were wrong when we banned the controversial New York Post article

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said on Friday that his company has wrongly blocked links to articles alleging allegations about the son of the Democratic presidential candidate (Joe Biden).

"Our goal is to add context and now we have the option to add context," Dorsey wrote in a tweet on Twitter.

The company released a video on Thursday citing information from the New York Post that sparked a protest to restrict the Twitter account of President Donald Trump's re-election campaign in a short period of time.

The chair of the US Senate Judiciary Committee (Lindsey Graham) and Republican senators (Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley) said Thursday that the committee will vote on Tuesday and forward the subpoenas to Dorsey.

The company's director of policy (Vijaya Jade) said Thursday evening that the company decided to change the grave breach policy after commenting on it.

In 2018, the company began implementing a new confidential material policy, which aims to prevent the spread of private information after hacking and unauthorized disclosure.

Twitter also said: Even with the new policy, messages from the "New York Post" will continue to be blocked. A company spokesperson said the information was still prohibited due to a "violation of the private personal information policy."

Since users who tried to access the site received an error message, the Twitter website had been closed for a long time on Thursday.

The information on the website indicates that Twitter is investigating its API issues. We encountered an issue with the Twitter mobile app not working properly.

A tweet was posted on the site saying: "The latest problem resulted from unexpected changes in the internal system." He added: "Twitter should be available to everyone during the next few hours."

Earlier this year, the site suffered a major service outage due to some celebrity accounts being stolen. This was part of a serious scam that saw the cryptocurrency stolen last July.

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