Twitter imposed more restrictions and warning signs ahead of the election
Twitter imposed more restrictions and warning signs ahead of the election

Twitter said on Friday that it would delete the tweets and urge people to interfere in the US election process or implement election results in various ways, such as violence. The site announced more warning signs and restrictions to help slow the spread of false information.

Twitter said on the blog, starting next week, users will receive an instant message to get reliable information and then can repost content that is misleading.

Twitter said: It will add warnings and restrictions to tweets that contain disinformation from US politicians such as candidates, campaigns, and those who have more than 100,000 US followers or receive "broad participation." . Account.

Twitter recently told Reuters: It's testing how to make the warning signs more visible and direct: Users need to click on the warning to see these Tweets. Users can only "quote" this content because it stops liking, reposting, and replying.

Twitter claims to have reported thousands of misleading posts, but the media attention is mostly focused on warning signs from President Trump's tweets.

Social media companies are under pressure to address electoral disinformation and prepare for instances of violence or intimidation at polling stations during the presidential elections on November 3.

Reuters reported that Republicans are mobilizing thousands of volunteers to monitor early polls and ballot boxes for evidence supporting Trump's unfounded complaints of widespread election fraud. On Thursday, Facebook said it would block invitations to use "military language" to view polls.

Twitter has also announced temporary measures to slow down the speed of content zooming. For example, from October 20 until the end of election week in the United States, users around the world who click "Retweet" will first be redirected to the "Quote a Tweet" button. To encourage people to add content to their own comments.

Twitter will also stop highlighting trending topics out of context to clarify them and prevent people from seeing recommendations on the schedule that they don't like. Twitter also said it would post fake comments on the tweets claiming every candidate won.

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