Twitter is accused of using double standards to block tweets
Twitter is accused of using double standards to block tweets

After US President Donald Trump was diagnosed with the Coronavirus, the Twitter platform faces a backlash.

Users accuse the platform of using double standards to control those who want others to die.

Among thousands of Twitter users, US producer Ava DuVernay and award-winning British children's author Mallory Blackman have accused the platform of failing to protect women and minority users from abuse.

Several people have tweeted seeking treatment from the president, including his campaign opponent Joe Biden, while others have expressed conflicting views.

Twitter confirmed that users who wanted to die for the president violated his terms of service.

Twitter abusive behavior - User policy prohibits serious harm to any individual or group of people.

The company said in a tweet: Tweets that prohibit or encourage death, serious injury, or fatal disease should not be deleted.

She added: Violations do not lead to automatic termination of the user's account. The statement, which he shared more than 18,000 times, was criticized by many: You have been similarly abused but have not had support from the platform.

Blackman, author of the popular Noughts & Crosses novels series, said in a tweet: From 2013 to 2015, when I won the Kids Award, there were weeks of death and dangerous threats against my family. And Twitter did nothing.

A Twitter spokesperson previously told The Guardian that the policy has been in place since April and applies not only to Trump but to all users as well.

DuVernay said: I don't think this also applies to black women who have been around for a long time and continue to experience harassment, attack, and death threats via the platform. This is because I see the same accounts still exist and are still causing harm, and the term "all users" is misleading.

A Twitter spokesperson said: Our sole goal is to improve the health of public conversations and to ensure the safety of the people who use our services.

He added: There is no room for abuse and harassment on Twitter, and we have a policy that applies everywhere - a policy to combat abuse, harassment and hateful behavior. If we find an account that is violating these rules, we will take enforcement action.

The spokesman mentioned that Twitter had banned some user accounts, but the effect on each tweet was unsatisfactory.

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