Wena 3 .. Sony's Smart Belt with Heart Rate Monitor
Wena 3 .. Sony's Smart Belt with Heart Rate Monitor

Sony Corporation of Japan introduced an upgraded version of its Wena 3 smart bracelet.

A smart bracelet is similar to a smart bracelet but replaces a watch bracelet, so it can be used with any watch and with a traditional mechanical watch and enjoy the smart bracelet functions.

The bracelet brings smart functions to your wrist and can convert any watch into a smartwatch, similar to the principle of a hybrid smartwatch.

Now the smart belt screen is bigger and can display notifications from your phone (you can swipe through notifications by swiping left and right).

The display also includes calendar, weather forecasts, alerts, and timers (which may be missing from your watch).

Sony introduces a belt algorithm that helps in daily management of arm health. With the accelerometer and dual optical heart rate sensor, you can manage your daily activities using the app.

Now you can also use Alexa Smart Assistant, which has a microphone and speaker for voice commands, so Amazon Assistant can answer your questions.

The Wena 3 Belt features integrated NFC functionality that supports multiple mobile payment systems.

The smart belt has another function, which is the heart rate sensor, which can detect and calculate blood oxygen saturation (VO2 Max).

The smart belt can also assess stress and flexibility and often use pedometer and sleep trackers.

Sony uses stainless steel (SUS316L) to manufacture Premium Black (Physical Vapor Deposition) ionized bracelet.

This makes the outer surface wear resistant and avoids nickel allergy problems.

There's a silver metallic version, as well as leather and rubber options. You can wear this bracelet as a fancy bracelet as well, but it works best when paired with a watch.

The smart belt is waterproof up to 50 meters (5 ATM), which is very suitable for swimming, the battery life is up to a week and a special connection is used for charging.

The new Sony belt (Wena 3) will be released in Japan on November 27th. The rubber option (WNW-A21A) is $ 230, the leather option (WNW-C21A) is $ 305, and the metallic option (WNW-B21A) is $ 335.

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