Why does the new iPhone 12 only use 5G when needed?
Why does the new iPhone 12 only use 5G when needed?

Apple's new iPhone 12 supports 5G network connections in iPhones for the first time. However, due to the smart data mode feature, the 5G network connection can only be used when necessary. If the apps need high bandwidth, the phone can switch between 4G and 5G.

That's why the new iPhone 12 uses the 5G network only when needed.

The short answer, for example, to save phone battery life, if you check your email or Twitter account, even if you are in an area with 5G network, iPhone 12 will still use normal battery 4G connection.

However, once you switch to a video streaming app or make a video call, the phone will automatically switch to a 5G network connection to get higher speeds and lower latency. However, this is a good solution. The network is not yet clear. How big is the effect? The fifth generation of total device battery life applies at least to Android devices that support the fifth generation of connectivity that was launched this year.

Apple's iPhone, on the other hand,, following Apple's way, tends to use a smaller battery than most large Android phones. The method is developed to support your device with the best software that can extend battery life. Size is also the reason to incorporate this feature to ensure that the new iPhone 12 uses a 5G network connection only when it's really needed.

Battery life is Apple's biggest problem. As a result, the company has waived a faster 120Hz refresh rate for all new iPhone 12 models on battery life, a feature that has become the standard configuration for all flagships this year.

It should be noted that the launch of the iPhone 12 series in China has caused mixed reactions. In terms of revenue, China is Apple's second largest market where Apple fans are satisfied with devices that support the fifth generation (5G) network. The name (iPhone12) came first. The Chinese blog site Weibo is similar to Twitter with over 6 billion views.

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