Xiaomi charger can charge the battery in just 19 minutes
Xiaomi charger can charge the battery in just 19 minutes

The fast 80W charger from the Chinese company Xiaomi is five times faster than the new 15W wireless charger from Apple with the iPhone 12.

The new charger can charge the 4000mAh battery of Mi 10 Pro from 0% to 50% in 8 minutes or 100% in 19 minutes.

Xiaomi indicated in an article on the Chinese blog site Weibo that it is outperforming all other wireless and most wired charging systems.

OPPO recently introduced a 65W (AirVOOC) system so wireless charging a 4000mAh battery only takes 30 minutes. However, it is not yet included in any commercial product.

Xiaomi currently has the fastest system you can buy in China, which is Mi 10 Ultra, a 50W wireless charger that can fully charge the 4,500mAh phone battery in 40 minutes.

Fast wireless charging is less common outside of China, where companies like Xiaomi and Huawei compete for the fastest wireless charging.

And (OnePlus 8 Pro) has the fastest option in the US. It comes with an optional 30-watt charger that costs $ 70. It takes 29 minutes to 50% to fully charge the phone, and it takes an hour to fully charge the phone.

With the fastest wired charger from major manufacturers at 65W power, the 80W Wireless Charger is a big step forward.

Xiaomi has not yet decided when the 80-watt charger will be put on the market, and the company has announced that wireless charging will soon replace wired charging.

The Chinese company has posted a video on its YouTube channel showing the 80W wireless charging function when used with Mi 10 Pro.

The company stated that in the video, the Mi 10 Pro was used to indicate the wireless charging speed of 80W.

The company launched phones with higher specifications for wireless charging compared to the past two years, and the Mi 10 Ultra was released just two months ago.

Xiaomi said: This is the third achievement in the wireless charging field as it demonstrated 40W wireless charging technology in March, and a 30W charger was launched in May.

In August, a mobile phone (Mi 10 Ultra) was launched that supports 50W wireless charging and 120W wired charging.

A 55W wireless charger was launched in August and a 30W wireless charger was launched in September.

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