Xiaomi has accelerated the download of games via smartphones
Xiaomi has accelerated the download of games via smartphones

Xiaomi said: By installing the game directly in the RAM instead of the internal memory, players can greatly increase the speed with Mi 10 Ultra.

It takes some time to download many great modern games, which is inconvenient for players.

This has resulted in a lot of people buying next-generation gaming consoles this year, such as Microsoft (Xbox Series X) and Sony (PlayStation 5).

One of the direct benefits of purchasing a next-gen gaming machine is to drastically reduce download time by installing the built-in SSD in place of your old hard drive. platform.

It appears that this is an attempt by Xiaomi to bring speed improvements to Chinese smartphones, and Chinese mobile games are very popular.

Xiaomi Smartphone Director Zeng Xuezhong said in a post: Xiaomi introduces a RAM tablet for mobile devices.

RAM disk allows the computer to use some random access memory (RAM) as memory, which generally increases the speed of the program significantly by using the special memory for fast tasks.

Chung added: You can install the game in RAM and increase the download speed by 40-60%.

According to the company, the time to install the Chinese version of the game (PUBG Mobile) via random access memory (RAM) is only 10 seconds, while the time to install the game via internal storage is only 19 seconds.

Chung called it a new feature (RAMDISK) and said: It will be tried on a mobile phone released outside of China (Mi 10 Ultra).

Mi 10 Ultra uses the LPDDR5 DRAM RAM produced by Micron Corporation in the USA. The speed of this RAM can reach 44GB per second.

In comparison, the Xiaomi 10 Ultra's UFS 3.1 internal storage read and write speed is 1700MB / s and 750MB / s, respectively.

Setup time isn't the only improvement, because running games in RAM also means the load time is faster once you get into the game.

The faster it loads all the items the game has to play, the earlier you start and the faster the player will be able to reach a new area or level.

RAM has long been supported by Android OS as it is a Linux-based system.

This function is used in the first launch of Android system. There is no easy way for ordinary smartphone users to use this feature.

One of the problems that users can face when creating RAM drives is the limited resources available on smartphones which can degrade performance. High-end smartphones have now changed that.

(Mi 10 Ultra) has 16 GB memory, and phone owners can use 8 GB of RAM for storage and 8 GB for other tasks.

The main drawback is that the RAM must be cleared when restarting the phone. So if you play a game and your battery runs out, you lose everything.

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