Zoom launched a new feature for organizing paid events
Zoom launched a new feature for organizing paid events

Video conferencing service (Zoom) announced Wednesday that it is a new way for users to create virtual, real-time events that others can pay to attend.

With the introduction of the new OnZoom option, Zoom is no longer just a competitor to companies like Google and Microsoft. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), people all over the world are forced to work and study from home. After the outbreak, Zoom has dominated the video conferencing market and is now competing with companies selling live event tickets such as Eventbrite or Live Nation.

Until recently, these companies focused on hypothetical events as epidemics around the world restrict personal events. However, unlike most of its competitors in the live event ticket market, the service takes no commission from selling tickets. At least during the regular testing of the new option (zoom in / out), the new option should be valid until the end of 2020.

The service initially tried to attract corporate clients, but with the outbreak of the epidemic it found that many users were already in need of it by the time it was used for weddings. School and business courses.

Earlier this year, the number of daily calls to the service exceeded 300 million. The stock price of the company that owns the service has risen more than 600% this year, well above the S&P 500.

As its popularity increased, gatherings such as poetry nights and yoga classes have turned into Zoom. As of now, owners of these gatherings can use the service to charge an entrance fee. A catalog of events that people can attend is available on the service's website.

The platform (Zoom) and head of artificial intelligence division Wei Li (Wei Li) said in a press release on Tuesday: This service will not charge a commission at this time, but the company will study the possibility of doing so. Next year.

Currently, users of this service must have paid subscriptions, be in the United States to create a single or recurring event through (On Zoom), and subscribers must have (Zoom) accounts and be in the United States to join the event. . The service will be available worldwide from 2021.

The service accepts payments by credit card or PayPal. The number of people who can participate depends on the broker's subscription level (Zoom). Organizers can run events for free and ask attendees to donate to specific nonprofits.

(Zoom): A high-quality data encryption was announced in June last year, and a trial version will be available to all users next week.

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