$ 1 billion worth of Bitcoin was transferred under mysterious circumstances
$ 1 billion worth of Bitcoin was transferred under mysterious circumstances

A mysterious person transferred more than $ 1 billion in Bitcoin from an inactive digital wallet for more than five years.

There are 69,369 Bitcoins worth $ 1 billion in the wallet. The current value is 58 times higher than the currency's price since the last call in 2015, when the price of Bitcoin rose from $ 250 to nearly $ 14,500 today.

Bitcoin is nearly anonymous, which means that it is impossible to associate a cryptocurrency wallet with someone, but the online movement of its content can be tracked through the blockchain.

Hackers are distributing copies of encrypted wallets, and it appears that these hackers are trying to crack complex passwords.

Alon Gal, co-founder of cybersecurity company Hudson Rock, was one of the first to discover money trends.

(Gal) tweeted on Twitter: Someone managed to hack a Bitcoin wallet password that I recently reported and diverted $ 1 billion from it.

Security experts say this development could be the result of the complex alphanumeric memory or password required to access Bitcoin.

It could be the person who hacked the password or the original owner who noticed that the last items in his wallet were exchanged between the hackers, said Jal. Anyway, it's pretty fun.

This Bitcoin wallet is the fourth highest in the world.

According to Tom Robinson of Elliptic, a blockchain analytics company, it could be linked to an online black market called "Silk Road".

After founder Ross Ulbrecht was ambushed by the FBI and sentenced to life in prison, the Silk Road market was closed in 2013.

The market enables people to sell drugs and other illegal products, attracts nearly 150,000 buyers and 4,000 sellers, and increases total sales by $ 183 million.

Although the FBI had seized 174,000 Bitcoins worth $ 150 million from Ulbrecht at the time, Robinson said: The total commission earned by Silk Road is estimated to be around 614,000 Bitcoins.

"There are now 440,000 Bitcoins lost, valued at around $ 6 billion, and Ulbrecht is unlikely to hold them and always suspects that the proceeds of the Silk Road may still be circulating," he added.

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