165 companies are asking the European Union to account for Google
165 companies are asking the European Union to account for Google

A group of 165 companies and industry groups urged European Union antitrust authorities to take a stronger stance on Google. The US tech giant falsely prefers internet search services.

A group of 165 companies and industrial groups, including American and British companies, and their counterparts in 21 European Union countries.

The organization wrote to Margrethe Vestager, head of European Union antitrust affairs, on Thursday.

The source said: Google provides its services such as those related to housing, travel and rich work, and urges the European Union to take quick action to end this practice.

Google has refuted allegations that it incorrectly advertises its services, that its users are not imprisoned, and that competition can be achieved through its online services.

A Google representative said: Google gives internet users the most relevant search results they can trust.

He added: People do not expect us to prefer some companies or competitors more than others, and we will not stop providing useful services to give consumers more choice and competition. Europeans.

Vestager has imposed a total fine of 8.25 billion euros on Google over the past three years. It abused its market power and turned to price comparison services, Android OS, and ads.

The group consists of 135 companies that provide online services and 30 professional societies.

The signatories of this message are Yelp, Expedia, Trivago, Kelkoo, Stepstone, and Foundem.

"As we compete to have the best customer experience, it's not fair to have a common competitor."

She added: Google has prioritized services on public search results pages on OneBoxes, resulting in inconvenient benefits.

OneBox collects information and images in one area above the search results. This is often a way for local businesses to gain visibility.

The organization stated that digital marketplace law may take a long time to come into effect and urged Vestager to act quickly to ensure that Google treats its competitors equally in search results.

"Many of us may not have the strength and resources to wait for such regulations to take effect," the organization said.

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