Amazon is investigating reports of stolen PlayStation 5 orders
Amazon is investigating reports of stolen PlayStation 5 orders

Several UK consumers have complained about other products in the box that supposedly contain the PS5 (PlayStation 5) game console that Amazon bought.

British journalist and presenter Rebecca (Rebecca, May) posted a tweet on her Twitter account and posted a video showing that she ordered Amazon UK, which allegedly came with the Sony PlayStation 5. There is a deep fryer in the box. .

Rebecca isn't the only complainant. (Patrick Dickens, author of the Push Square website, posted private messages for (PlayStation), and posted similar content on Twitter but found a toy gun in the box instead of the PlayStation 5 platform.)

Others complained that they stumbled upon a foot massager, a grill, or a bag of rice in the box.

As for the reasons for what happened to these people, an Amazon spokesperson told Eurogamer: It is investigating these complaints. He added, "We wanted to keep our customers happy and no small part of these inquiries were received. We are sorry and we are investigating what happened."

An Amazon spokesperson said, "We communicate with every customer who has a problem and let us know so that we can solve it. Anyone with questions about an inquiry can contact the customer service team for more advice received. Ugly."

On June 12, Sony officially announced the fifth generation gaming platform (PlayStation) and launched it in select markets in early November.

Sony offers users one of two platform options, one with an Ultra HD Blu-ray CD player and the other without a player, such as PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.

In terms of specifications, (PlayStation 5) contains a dedicated AMD Zen 2 processor with eight cores and a frequency of 3.5 GHz, in addition to a dedicated version of AMD RDNA 2 GPU with 10.28 teraflops.

The platform includes 16 GB of GDDR6 memory (RAM) and 825 GB of SSD storage drives.

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