Apple accuses Facebook of ignoring user privacy
Apple accuses Facebook of ignoring user privacy

Apple criticized its Facebook colleagues for trying to "collect as much data from users as possible," saying that despite the ad community's opposition, they would continue to roll out new privacy features as planned.

Apple's Global Privacy Director (Jane Horvath) referred to the criticism in a letter to the Privacy Groups Alliance, assuring them that the feature's version had not changed, allowing users to restrict the developer's access to the app. Software usage data.

Horvath said: "One of the reasons we have developed transparency in app tracking is that we share your concerns about tracking users without their consent, collecting data and reselling it through ad networks and intermediaries. In data."

Horvath defended Apple's method of targeted advertising, which the company says is based on demographic details rather than user tracking. "Facebook and the other companies have completely different targeting methods," she said. Not only does it allow users to be grouped into smaller segments, but it also uses detailed data about internet browsing activity to target ads. ''

Horvath said, “Facebook executives made clear that their goal is to collect as much data as possible between proprietary and third-party products in order to develop detailed information for their users and use them profitably. Contempt continues to grow and includes more products.”

Facebook strongly condemned the request, and accused Apple of using its dominant position to collect its own data while preventing its competitors from using the same data. The company said, "They say it's about privacy, but it's about profit."

Since Apple's announcement in June, this feature (App Tracking Transparency) is expected to roll out early next year, causing a flurry of controversy. Once activated, any application running on iPhone or iPad must obtain user permission before it can access certain data that can be used for tracking in other applications. This data is known as an (advertiser's identifier), and the advertising industry fears that users will be denied permission, which will affect their ability to customize ads.

In September last year, Apple agreed to delay the introduction of the App Tracking Transparency feature to give the ad industry more time to prepare. But the delay sparked another outcry from privacy advocates, Horvath wrote to him on Friday.

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