Apple iPhone 12 Studio lets you design your phone
Apple iPhone 12 Studio lets you design your phone

Apple has launched an interactive web app for iPhone 12 Studio, an experiment that will allow potential iPhone 12 owners to experiment with different color combinations of their smartphone accessories.

The iPhone 12 Studio experience for iPhone users is the same as the Apple Watch Studio experience. With this service, users can choose different colors for Apple Watch and wristbands to find the perfect combination.

This time, by customizing iPhone 12, visitors to iPhone 12 Studio can choose whatever color is available for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Then the user can select the device folder and the MagSafe folder and physically place them on the device shown on the screen.

Once selected, users will be required to enter their name and then choose between two different displays for their iPhone. This will create an image of the iPhone kit and accessories with the tag # iPhone12studio.

This experience can help customers source their favorite accessories and encourage the purchase of other items such as watch cases.

The process of creating images with usernames is also limited. The tag allows user drafts to be shared between tools across social media platforms.

Unlike Apple Watch Studio, Apple recommends that users access iPhone 12 Studio using a smartphone or tablet using a QR code.

Apple designers discovered that the iPhone 12 series protective case was inspired by the depth of gem color, and the prototype of the new accessory may have been made internally more than two years ago. Years.

With the introduction of the iPhone 12 line and MagSafe products, the world of Apple mobile accessories has expanded dramatically, so Apple is ready to move to additional products such as fashion products.

Apple clearly hopes that if you can locate and obtain compatibility with relative ease, the chances of purchasing the official MagSafe plugin increase.

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