Apple requires strict data protection in Google's claims
Apple requires strict data protection in Google's claims

Apple and the advertising giant GroupM have asked investigating judges in the Department of Justice's lawsuit against Google to identify certain data the government uses as top-secret to ensure that no one on Google can see it.

The Ministry of Justice filed a lawsuit against the search and advertising giant in October. The purpose of the antitrust action was to pay Google billions of dollars to be Apple's default iPhone search engine.

In the file, Apple indicated that confidential data had been used to create complaints.

The government has accused Google of unlawfully using its market power to deter competitors during decades of lawsuits that have challenged the power and influence of major tech companies.

Google pledges to ensure that only in-house attorneys in the external counsel's office can obtain confidential information in any other secure way, and adds that any leaked information will be reported immediately.

Like Apple, companies like AT&T, Microsoft and Amazon helping the government have asked US District Court judge (Amit Mehta) to create a category of data that is considered top secret and Google forbid employees to access it.

The giant advertising also requires GroupM to disclose information out of the sight of lawyers.

This week, Mehta said, the process could take several months, and Apple is asking that outside Google attorney access be limited to top-secret data, not in-house lawyers.

Apple said it had provided the government with data about its relationship with Google and needed more, such as: the terms of Apple's deal with other search engines and Apple's internal discussions about the agreements negotiated.

Microsoft and Amazon said in a joint document: If Google had the right to access some sensitive files, Google could influence these companies more in future negotiations.

Google's lawyers urged the speedy release of the documents against the company's complaints. Google attorney John Schmidten said: We need to access these documents and learn more about the documentation functions.

Mehta asked attorneys from the Ministry of Justice whether it would be possible to provide Google with a list of companies providing information to the government and how much information each company provides. The judge said Google will soon have 100 potential witnesses. List.

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