BMW introduced the electric minivan concept
BMW introduced the electric minivan concept

At the NextGen event, BMW presented its new electric pickup concept under the Mini brand.

With this new concept, the company seeks to study what electric pickup truck designs will look like in the electric and autonomous future.

The new concept is called the Mini Vision Urbanaut and aims to offer more interior space and more uses than ever before in a small space.

When the Mini Vision Urbanout concept becomes a reality, the electric pickup will have more interior space than any other Mini car and will be the most convenient way to get in and out of the city.

In addition, the new vehicle looks more efficient in design than the concept that BMW's electric vehicle program could already develop.

The concept envisages that the appearance of an electrically powered self-driving car is taken into account from the ground up when building.

BMW described the concept: Since the Mini Vision Urbanaut was designed from the start as an electric vehicle with autonomous driving functions, it gives designers more freedom in designing the exterior and interior.

The Mini Vision Urbanout features three main modes: cooling, travel envy, and air. Hence, the interior and exterior of the vehicle move to reflect this.

Oliver Heimer, Head of Design at the Mini brand, said in a statement: “In a low-temperature setting, you can take a break for a while until the car becomes a kind of sanctuary where you can relax or unwind. Focus on the journey.

He added, "Wanderer" is the Mini Vision Urbanaut, or the only driving mode with self-driving capabilities, and Vibe is committed to making others the center of all roads.

You can switch between the three modes by placing the ignition key in the appropriate hole. Mini recommends that you set your mode by adjusting music, ambient lighting, scent, etc.

When parking, you can convert the car into a living room, the dashboard can be converted into a sofa bed, and the windshield can be opened to create a balcony.

Additionally, the back of the Mini Vision Urbanaut appears to have a quieter area called Cozy Corner, which includes a compact table with plants in the central open area.

In addition to comfort, the Mini also considered durability, saying: The Mini Vision Urbanaut uses recycled materials that do not contain leather or chrome, and the main material on the inside will be knitted textiles.

Meanwhile, the Mini Vision Urbanaut has a side door as well as swivel and foldable seats.

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