British telecom companies could face fines over Huawei
British telecom companies could face fines over Huawei

The UK government is enacting legislation threatening British Telecom with heavy financial penalties if strict security deadlines are not met.

According to a new bill passed on Tuesday, BT could be fined up to 10% of its sales or 100,000 pounds ($ 133,140) per day for violating the ban on using the company's devices. The Chinese company Huawei.

The government said: The Communications Act strengthens British telecom network security standards and removes the threat posed by high-risk service providers.

Fearing that US sanctions on chip technology may prevent Chinese companies from becoming a reliable supplier, the UK decided in July to ban the use of Huawei devices on 5G networks from the start. Late 2027.

The bill aims to legally reverse this choice, manage the risks that other high-risk service providers will face in the future, and impose severe penalties for telecom companies that violate regulations.

Digital Affairs Minister Oliver Dowden (Oliver Dowden) said: The benefits of 5G and fiber networks can only be realized if they are secure and resilient.

“This groundbreaking law makes the UK one of the best performing telecom security systems in the world and enables us to take steps to protect our networks.

Huawei said: Very disappointing; Because the government wants to exclude it from the 5G network.

"This decision is politically motivated, not based on a fair assessment of risks, nor in anyone's interest," said Victor Zhang, vice president of Huawei. Because it puts Britain on the slow digital path and threatens the government's agenda.

The government said: The law's strict security standards will also help protect the UK from potential cyberattacks in the country and from criminals.

Ofcom is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the security of telecom service providers so that the Telecommunications Regulatory Office has the right to conduct technical tests, interview employees and enter the operator's premises to consult equipment and documents.

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