Care Hub from Amazon to help elderly family members
Care Hub from Amazon to help elderly family members

Amazon hopes to help people take care of older family members by launching Care Hub, a set of Alexa (Alexa) features that can be used to remotely check older parents at home.

Care Hub is free and easy to set up. Loved ones only need one Alexa device, which is especially useful during the coronavirus epidemic when many people are not able to visit their loved ones as they usually do.

The company said: For years, customers have heard of Alexa voice assistant being used to monitor elderly parents who want to stay home rather than move to a nursing home.

According to the Consumer Technology Association, this change has created a market for assistive technologies valued at more than $ 30 billion.

Alexa voice assistant customers can link their account to an elderly family member's Alexa account.

If a family member accepts the invitation, the caregiver can send alerts and summaries of family activities.

This is a summary of basic information such as: B- The lights used in the house.

There is also an emergency call feature where elderly people can request help from the voice assistant so that Alexa can send a notification to their caregiver right away.

If caregivers have any concerns, they can use the plug-in direct feature (which temporarily uses the Echo as a two-way walkie-talkie) to verify.

"Once this call is made, the caregivers don't have to do anything, they can do business as they usually do and give the caregivers peace of mind," said Alexa and Eco Devices Vice President Tony Reed (Tony Reed).

Reed said: The company has been working on the product for 18 months, but because many people cannot see their loved ones in the shadow of Corona, the product has gained importance.

Over the past several months, the company has been experimenting with Amazon employees and their relatives before making it available to a wider audience.

Amazon has been dealing with the topic of aging for many years and, on the one hand, has discussed potential collaboration with the AARP lobbying group, which represents the interests of people over the age of 50.

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