DeepMind has developed an artificial intelligence that can solve medical challenges for 50 years
DeepMind has developed an artificial intelligence that can solve medical challenges for 50 years

DeepMind, a sister company to Google, has developed an artificial intelligence program that can accurately predict protein structure in a few days. It solves a 50-year challenge and paves the way to a better understanding of diseases and ailments than drug discovery.

Every living cell contains thousands of different proteins that can keep it healthy. Knowing that nearly all diseases (including cancer and dementia) are related to how proteins work is very important in predicting what form a protein will turn into, as this will determine how the protein functions.

Professor Janet Thornton of the European Institute of Computational Biology told reporters, "Proteins are the most beautiful and wonderful structure. It is a very difficult challenge to accurately predict their education and it has kept many people busy for many years. Up top."

AlphaFold AI system from British Research Laboratory DeepMind participated in a competition organized by Key Structural Prediction Assessment. This is an experimental community-based organization whose mission is to accelerate the solution of a problem: How to calculate the 3D structure of protein molecules?

The CASP has been monitoring progress in this area for 25 years and comparing the competition project to the so-called (experimental gold standard). On Monday, the company announced that DeepMind's AlphaFold system has achieved unprecedented accuracy in predicting protein structure.

Before CPHA Chairman Prof. John Millet published the news, he said, "DeepMind has made the leap." He added, "He has worked on solving major IT challenges for 50 years." He added that there would be a significant impact expected in the field of drug design and the emerging field of protein design.

It should be noted that DeepMind is a subsidiary of Alphabet. The company employs approximately 1,000 people. In recent years, it has become a leader in the global competition in artificial intelligence, and has grown with companies like Facebook and Microsoft.

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