Due to the temporary tweets Twitter ran into problems in the implementation process
Due to the temporary tweets Twitter ran into problems in the implementation process

Twitter launched a (temporary tweet) feature for users around the world on Wednesday, but its popularity caused many users to complain.

Temporary Tweets (Twitter calls them "floating," which means ephemeral things) appear at the top of the Twitter app so that users can post Tweets that will disappear 24 hours after they are posted and view temporary Tweets that have been posted. From other users.

However, the user's needs and curiosity about the new feature appears to influence the feature's performance. Several Twitter users have reported that fleets are lagging behind and operating slowly. Some people say: If you enable this feature, the Twitter app will stop by itself.

Twitter TechCrunch confirmed to TechCrunch that it knows the issue will affect some users and said it is working hard to fix the problem.

If you are one of those affected, you will find that the screen freezes momentarily or moves very slowly when you click or drag to scroll through temporary Tweets. It might seem that your phone is having problems, but the problem is only with the Twitter app.

It is believed that the popularity of temporary Tweet features could be an early sign of their success.

Twitter said in a tweet, "We are working to slow posting temporary tweets to fix some performance and stability issues. If you don't already have this feature, in some cases you may not be able to use it." She added, "We love a lot of people who use temporary tweets and we want to make sure that we give everyone the best experience."

Twitter announced on Tuesday the official launch of a temporary tweet feature that will disappear after a certain period of time to compete with popular stories in most messaging and social media apps.

The US tech giant began testing its new features in March last year. Twitter said on its blog on Tuesday, “Twitter wants to provide a public chat service because you can see what is happening and discuss it. However, some people tell us that Twitter is not nice because it looks public and persistent and there is a lot of pressure to collect favorite tweets. There are a lot of tweets in the project! ''

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