Emoji can be separated from Android updates
Emoji can be separated from Android updates

Google seems to be preparing to separate the new emojis from the Android OS update. This way, you can get it faster.

Emojis are important because they help you express yourself better, and the frequent addition of new icons to the Unicode standard proves their popularity.

When the Unicode Consortium, the non-profit organization that manages emoji posts and approvals, releases a new batch, their enthusiasm will be reflected in our apps and devices as soon as possible.

However, we often have to wait for Apple, Google, or phone manufacturers to release OS updates that include new packages.

For Android users, this process may change since there are now indications that Google wants to separate emojis from system updates so you can get them faster.

Currently, font files are stored in the system folder, specifically the / system / lines folder, and emojis are in a file called NotoColorEmoji.ttf.

The system folder is write protected. Updating all files in the folder requires a system update without downloading the folder. The only way to get the new fonts and emojis is to wait for the update. The official update is direct.

The new directory recommends placing them in a new readable and writing folder so the server can update these files.

This means that Google or other manufacturers can send updates to font files at any time to provide new emojis to users.

The new guide also says it will help other apps read these files and import new emojis directly into their systems.

This source code was not incorporated into the open source AOSP Android project, so the module was not yet complete.

If this source code is incorporated into the Android Open Source Project in the next few months, this change could happen in Android 12.

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