Facebook and Twitter are trying to curb false claims about the vote
Facebook and Twitter are trying to curb false claims about the vote

Facebook and Twitter added a warning message to US President Donald Trump's post to remind users of their false allegations.

Alerts on both platforms came after Trump was alerted on Wednesday that the opposition was trying to steal the election.

Twitter warned the president in a message. In the letter the president wrote, "Last night I was a leader in several major states and I was inclined to force. In almost all cases, the Democrats worked and took control. Then they disappeared one by one as if by magic and counted the amazing votes, which is strange," The pollster "fully understands and is a historical mistake."

A Twitter warning read: "Some or all of the content of this Tweet is controversial and may mislead elections or other civil actions." Regarding Facebook, he wrote in the disclaimer: "The final result may differ from the original number of votes. Because the vote continues to count in the days or weeks after the vote."

A spokesperson for Twitter said via email, “As the number of votes continues to grow across the country, our team will continue to take enforcement action against Tweets that proclaim victory prematurely or contain misinformation.

In addition to Twitter, Facebook added a warning in another post stating, "As expected, this year's election results will take longer. Millions of people have voted in the United States by e-mail and mailings counted take longer."

After President Donald Trump falsely claimed victory in the presidential election, Facebook warned users early Wednesday that they were still counting the ballots. The warning message will appear above the summary on Instagram and Facebook.

"After President Trump announced victory early, we posted ads on Facebook and Instagram stating that the votes are still ongoing and the winner is unknown," Facebook said in a tweet on Twitter. "We will also use this information to automatically apply grades to the candidate positions," he added.

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