Facebook monitors abusive groups
Facebook monitors abusive groups

Facebook plans to monitor people who have too many posts and violate content rules in order to slow the spread of disinformation on its platform.

The Washington Post, which reported the information for the first time, said: Facebook wants to restrict public and private groups containing multiple posts that violate their community's standards.

Moderators for groups with too many posts (that violate community standards) must manually approve all posts within 60 days. The following groups are unattractive.

The company closely monitors how its limited managers and supervisors treat the group during these two months. If he repeatedly allows a large number of illegal jobs, he may decide to close the group altogether.

This change makes the volunteers participating in the group more responsible for what is going on inside them. When restrictions are lifted, officials will be informed of the group's status and informed.

Facebook and other social media companies have long relied on volunteer group managers to do most of the monitoring of group tasks.

Facebook spokesperson Leonard Lam said in a statement: We are temporarily urging officials and moderators of some political and social groups in the United States to manually approve all posts if the group contains multiple violations of community standards. We are taking steps to protect people during this unprecedented time.

The new restrictions are additional measures the company took this week to curb the widespread prevalence of conspiracy theories and incitement to violence against the election results.

The social network shut down the 360,000-strong Stop Steal organization earlier this week, which was spreading disinformation about the election and falsely claiming that Democrats were trying to steal the election.

Social media platforms have taken steps to stem the wave of false news about the elections, and to ban political ads in the United States after the elections, specifically banning ads claiming a false victory.

On Saturday, the media announced that Biden had won the general elections for the former vice president of Pennsylvania and Nevada, exceeding the required 270 votes.

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