Facebook restricts access to Trump's posts when he leaves office
Facebook restricts access to Trump's posts when he leaves office

When President Donald Trump stepped down in January, his position was subject to Facebook's fact-checking system.

Additionally, the new rules may mean that if they post false data or information, they may be prevented from accessing their messages.

Facebook has suggested in the past to protect Trump's position as president.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) said: The platform is not a place to review political rhetoric.

Zuckerberg criticized the Twitter platform. To wrongly describe the president's message on fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Given the importance of Trump's position, Facebook's current policy is to rid Trump of the consequences of his position. Although Trump has repeatedly broken the rules, the situation on Twitter is similar.

Zuckerberg said in June: If the public interest value outweighs the risk of harm, every year we will leave a small amount of content that violates our policies.

“Politicians’ posts are often in the public interest and we believe that people in general should see our platform’s posts as the media transmit the politicians ’comments,” he added.

He said: We will soon start categorizing some of the remaining content because it is considered current, and we allow people to share that content for judgment, just as we do with other problematic content. We also want to let people know that the content they shared may violate our policies.

Facebook's naming of Trump's content has not affected its ability to spread false information. Trump is the largest source of false information about the Coronavirus, and his posts falsely claim that disrupting the elections is a post. Most popular on Facebook.

Facebook has added tags to Trump's posts to direct viewers to factual information. However, these flags have not prevented Trump's posts from spreading.

A data scientist said: We have evidence that adding these tags to posts could reduce reposts by around 8%, and given Trump posts are reposted in large numbers, the extent of the decrease won't change much.

The data scientist explained that the tags provide factual information in the context of a post rather than restricting the coverage of the post.

However, if Trump leaves the White House and replaces Biden, he will not be exempt from such guidelines.

Facebook's policy is that its fact-checking system will always cover former candidates or former officials.

If Trump uses his Facebook account to post content that violates his code of conduct, Facebook can take action against his account.

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