Ford launches electric E-Transit trucks
Ford launches electric E-Transit trucks

Ford launched its first fully electric transit truck before launching the first fully electric trucks in Europe in the spring of 2022.

The E-Transit can offer up to 25 different body sizes, weights and models and delivers what WLTP calls the "Globally Harmonized Light Vehicle Test" with a range of 217 miles. Ford said the distance is "three times higher than the average European fleet driver per day".

This figure comes from an underground battery with a useful power of 67 kWh. E-Transit also supports both AC and DC fast charging, the built-in 11.3 kW charger enables slow charging in just 8 hours, and a DC charge rate of 115 kW enables a 15% charge. It reaches 80% in about 34 minutes. Customers have access to the FordPass charging system, which has 160,000 chargers worldwide, many of which have fast charging capabilities.

Ford spoke to several commercial fleet managers from brands such as Centrica, Sky and ADL Automotive and agreed that the minimum acceptable driving distance is around 150 miles and that fast charging capabilities are required. Data from millions of kilometers of information technology also contributed to the development of electronic transport systems.

The rear-wheel electric motor has a maximum output of 265 hp and a maximum output of 317 pounds, which Ford says is the most powerful electric truck in Europe. No numbers found on engine performance or efficiency yet.

E-Transit also has an Eco-Drive mode that states that by adjusting acceleration, improving air conditioning, and reducing the top speed, the travel distance can be increased by 8-10% when driving without a load.

Other functions include the Pro Power Onboard option, with which customers can use E-Transit as a mobile power source, providing up to 2.3 kW of electricity for various tools and devices. It is considered number one in the industry and is expected to become a popular product.

In terms of design, the E-Transit is almost the same as the current diesel truck model, except for the new grille design with blue bars. The charging point is also located in the middle of the network below the ID.

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