Gmail gives you more control over your data
Gmail gives you more control over your data

Google announced today, Monday, that it plans to roll out a new setup in Gmail to make it easier to manage smart features and give users more options to customize their experience.

The US tech giant said in an article: Gmail has provided time and security features since 2004.

We designed Gmail to be easier than trivial questions to communicate with helpful typing features, high priority notifications, and the ability to block the spread of over 99.9% of spam, phishing, and malware. Enter your incoming mail.

Google plans to roll out another method in the coming weeks that will allow users to control their data through Gmail's smart features and custom settings.

A new option to control data usage in Gmail, Meet and Chat should soon be available to provide smart functionality for these and other Google products.

Mirroring: tabbed inbox, smart typing, Gmail smart reply, reminders when you need to pay the bill in Google Assistant, and restaurant reservations in Google Maps.

The company said whether enabling specific individual smart features is not a new feature, but the new feature is a clearer option for data processing through those services.

Given the company’s insights drawn from user experience research and the regulator’s focus on making understandable and achievable user decisions regarding data, this new metric aims to reduce the workload. Understand and manage this process.

Google continues to develop controls for its products based on these trends. The company wants its customers to take advantage of these smart features because they add value, such as: B- Save time and provide a cheaper experience.

If the user does not use smart features and customized settings, they can still use Gmail and other Google products. If he later finds these features useful and wants to enable them, he can use Gmail settings.

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