Google asks apps to target Android 10
Google asks apps to target Android 10

Google has once again changed the target API level requirements for all applications submitted to its Google Play Store.

Starting August 3, 2020, the company will require that all new apps be sent to Target (Android) (Google Play) Android 10.

Now all current app updates should target Android 10 (API level 29) or higher.

The search giant made similar changes late last year, forcing Android app developers to target new API levels since 2017.

Since its stable release in September 2019, Android 10's market share has grown steadily and the operating system is running on 100 million devices only 5 months after its launch.

Android 10 works with 8.2% of all devices approved by Google as of April 2020.

In the past few months, this percentage has increased dramatically as Google has imposed requirements on the version of the operating system on which new devices can run.

If you look at the many new APIs available in Android 10, you will see how important this release is.

Some of the well-known APIs include support for foldable devices, support for 5G networks, support for dark mode, and advanced privacy features.

Most of the developers have likely adapted their apps to Android 10 or higher yet, and any developer who has not yet followed Google's rules can abandon their software, causing problems for consumers.

By forcing app developers to target Android 10, Google hopes to encourage the adoption of new APIs, which will give users a better experience.

The previous Android version is still more popular than the new one, and the search giant is gradually narrowing the retail void, making it easier for manufacturers to upgrade their devices on plans like these at project height.

If Google asks developers to target Android 11 (API level 30) next year, the same story should be repeated.

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