Google forces you to install the new Google Pay app
Google forces you to install the new Google Pay app

Google said: Starting next year, users will not be able to send or receive money without using the new Google Pay app.

The company confirmed that the old Google Pay app and website on Android and iOS will lose many payment features in January.

A service's website cannot send or receive payments. If the debit card is used to transfer money from Google Pay, then Google will also charge a fee.

There were no upfront fees for converting the service to a bank account or debit card. There is now a 1.5% fee for debit card transfer.

Although it takes one to three days to transfer this way, linked bank accounts don't.

There is a post on the Google Pay support page on the service's website explaining Google's statement:

The message is: Starting January 2021, you will not be able to use the legacy service app to send, receive, request, request, or withdraw money or to search for records of past transactions.

You also cannot send, request, receive or withdraw money through Google Pay, or send or receive money through commercial payments.

This forces people who have previously used the service's website to install and use the new app.

And when you want to raise money or request payment, you need to download a new app that allows you to send and receive money from family and friends and make contactless payments. Share bills and make group payments.

You can also order food from a local restaurant, fill up your car's fuel tank, and pay for parking at a rented car park.

The new service app can link your bank account, debit card, and other transaction data sources, including invoices you receive through Gmail and receipt photos you take.

You must also have a Google account to use the new Google Pay features.

Last week, the company announced some changes to the Google Pay app, such as: b- New user interface and automatic receipt.

While Google plans to work with banks to provide checking and savings accounts in Google Pay, this new service will develop over the next year.

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