Google Photos is testing some subscription editing features
Google Photos is testing some subscription editing features

Google is trying to take advantage of the growing popularity of Google Photo Editor and Manager.

The company previously launched a subscription service that allows customers to choose 10 impressions per month.

The search giant is now planning to shut down some editing features (some are available for free) and make them private to Google One subscribers.

The icon in the latest Google Images 5.18 release contains strings that clearly indicate that the app is moving in this direction.

The channel says:

As a Google One member, you can use other editing features.
Other editing capabilities with Google One membership.
You can access these and other features through your Google One subscription.
Use a Google One subscription to unlock more editing functions and storage space.

It seems Google is currently testing this method with some people, but it has made clear that it doesn't lock the free Color Pop feature behind the subscription system, but instead provides a new version that could happen more than before. Other photos were used.

She said: Google Photos' Color Pop feature is always free for anyone who can get photos with detailed information (for example in portrait orientation).

She added: Google One members will be able to apply the feature to more photos of people, including photos without detailed information, as part of the first ongoing rendering since early this year.

Google declined to talk about editing tools and other features that might be designed specifically for Google One subscribers, and Google said, `` There's nothing to share.

The Google One monthly subscription fee starts at $ 1.99 per month and is used for 100GB of cloud storage, which is also used for backing up Android devices.

The company recently announced that it will add VPN capabilities to Google One subscribers via a 2 TB storage plan for $ 9.99 per month.

A month ago, Google Photos redesigned the editor. This redesign made it easier to find and use editing tools, and it enabled the introduction of new tools for Pixel phones such as Portrait Light.

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