Google warns Google Drive users not to delete their files
Google warns Google Drive users not to delete their files

Google announced last Wednesday that it has updated its storage strategy through its Google account, including Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos. However, most of the sites and news only focused on the changes that would take place. In Google Photos, ignoring other types.

Google announced the end of the free, unlimited backup feature of the Google Photos service, as any new photos or videos that you upload to the service in high quality will be counted within the free space or space available on your Google account of 15 GB. . Starting June 1, as a Google One member, I purchased extra storage.

Gmail emails and attachments (including: (spam), (trash) folders, and all files stored in Google Drive including: documents, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, forms, jamboard and PDF files) depend on the available space. .

Most importantly, Google announced a new policy for inactive accounts or accounts that exceeded their storage capacity via Gmail, Google Drive, and photo services as follows:

  • If your account has not used one or more of these services within two years (24 months), Google will remove the content from the service after that period.
  • If you exceed the two-year storage limit and do not remove anything or purchase additional storage, Google will remove all content stored in products that Google uses.

Will Google contact you before removing the content from the service?

Yes; If you stop using the Google service within two years, Google will send you an email notification and a notice about the service itself because it will contact you for at least three months before it can permanently remove the content. By reactivating your account on the service or downloading content from the service before deleting the service, you have the option to avoid deletion.

Important note: You have to activate your account separately for each Google service. For example, if you have been inactive on the service (Google Photos) for two years but are still active in Gmail and Google Drive, Google will delete the content stored on the service (Google Photos). Only, but if your account is active in other services, the content of other services remains unchanged.

To keep your account active for every service you use:

Google said, "The easiest way to keep your account active is to log into Gmail, Google Drive, or Google Photos regularly through the web or mobile app."

Please note that multiple accounts can be configured on the device. Therefore, all accounts must be enabled as the activity will be reflected from the account and not the device. So be sure to use the service for whatever accounts you plan to keep active on a regular basis.

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