Google will not file a withdrawal request from the Department of Justice
Google will not file a withdrawal request from the Department of Justice

Google said Friday: It will not move to withdraw the US government lawsuit last month, but will appeal it in federal court.

On October 20, the Justice Department filed a lawsuit against the trillion-dollar company, accusing it of unlawfully using its market power to deter competitors. It is the biggest challenge to the power and influence of big tech companies in decades. Google described the lawsuit as "seriously flawed."

Google, the world's most visited website, generated $ 162 billion in sales in 2019.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley (Josh Hawley) is one of Google's most outspoken critic. He accused the company of preserving power through "illegal means" and described the lawsuit as "the most important counter-insurance for this generation." The fall of confidence. "

The two sides said in short minutes on Friday that Google would avoid moving the lawsuit to be dismissed. She said: It will respond to the government's complaint by December 21.

The two sides also said that they have not yet agreed on how to protect the confidential information that third parties share with the government. They said: They will provide location information before November 13th.

In a lawsuit on October 23, it was revealed that Google had until December 19 to respond to an antitrust lawsuit filed by the US Department of Justice.

Compared to the lawsuit against Microsoft in 1998 and the lawsuit against AT&T in 1974 that dissolved the Bell System, the lawsuit is expected to be the largest antitrust case in a generation.

Microsoft's lawsuit paved the way for the explosive growth of the Internet as monopoly controls prevented the company from hindering its competitors.

The lawsuit comes a year after the Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission launched a monopoly investigation into four major tech companies: Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.

Seven years ago, the Federal Trade Commission announced a settlement agreement with Google to conduct a monopoly investigation, accusing its search engine of misrepresenting its products. Some FTC attorneys objected to the settlement.

It should be noted that Google faces similar legal challenges outside the US as well. The European Union imposed a $ 1.7 billion fine on Google in 2019 to prevent websites from using their competitors. Search for advertiser and home purchase bills in 2017. Fines of $ 2.6 billion. For this reason, a fine of $ 4.9 billion was imposed in 2018 to deter competitors from using the Android system.

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