India bans imports of Chinese-made iPhones
India bans imports of Chinese-made iPhones

Reuters quoted two people familiar with the matter who said India was strictly controlling the quality of electronic products imported from China, and it slowed imports of the new iPhone from Apple last month and stopped other products from companies. Like Xiaomi.

Generally speaking, inquiries submitted to the relevant QC authority (Indian Bureau of Standards) are processed within 15 days. But so far, some of these requests have taken up to two months or more.

In light of the impact of the June border dispute that worsened relations with China, the Bureau of Indian Standards has postponed imports of Chinese-made smartphones, smart watches and laptops since August. Killed 20 Indian soldiers.

Since the conflict, India has tightened investment regulations in China and banned hundreds of Chinese mobile apps, including popular apps from Chinese tech giants such as Tencent, Alibaba and ByteDance. On Tuesday, it blocked 43 more apps.

When Apple's new iPhone 12 was delayed, two sources said, Apple executives in India called (the Indian Bureau of Standards) to speed up the approval process and ensure the company continues to expand the assembly in India.

It is not known how long the order (iPhone 12) was delayed. Although the company has assembly business in India, the latest iPhone 12 model is imported from China and has contracts with two companies to produce most of its equipment.

According to the office's website, 1,080 (Indian Bureau of Standards) were waiting orders for laptops, tablets and other devices on Wednesday, 669 of which waited 20 days. Since September last year, some applications have not been approved.

Due to border disputes, Indian businessmen and Hindu nationalist organizations have called for a boycott of products imported from China for months, while Prime Minister Narendra Modi continues to promote self-sufficiency and local production.

"(The Indian Standards Bureau) is delaying approval of smart watches and other products, and the electronics and IT division is urging companies to make these devices. In India," one of the sources said.

According to the Indian Bureau of Standards registration system, some electronic products (whether imported or locally manufactured) must meet certain standards. Once the company tests its products in an accredited laboratory, the office will approve these requests.

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