iNext ... the next BMW that can take on Tesla
iNext ... the next BMW that can take on Tesla

BMW has confirmed its plans to launch the production version of the BMW iNext next week. This is the German carmaker's earlier response to Tesla.

Since the introduction of the BMW i3, the German manufacturer has developed very slowly in the field of all-electric cars.

The automaker recently released the Mini Cooper SE and the BMW iX3 electric SUV, but both cars are making significant performances.

The latest BMW electric powertrain technology was not used when the Electric Mini Cooper SE was introduced, and the BMW iX3 did not reach the United States. Because BMW dealers are clearly not interested in electric SUVs due to their long range.

These new electric vehicles paved the way for the BMW iNext in many ways.

Ian Robertson, Director of Sales and Marketing at BMW, earlier expressed doubts about Tesla's ability to manufacture the Model 3 for $ 35,000, saying, "iNext has become a true competitor in this area."

These ads were released before Tesla launched the Model Y. Since the prototype images shown aren't just crossovers or small SUVs, they can look more like competition (iNext).

However, BMW provided an answer (iNext) Tesla.

The German carmaker introduced the iNext concept in 2018 but has now confirmed that it will release a production version on November 11th.

Not much is known about iNext's features, but BMW executives previously reported a range of 435 miles, despite this revised to 360 miles last year.

Production of the BMW iNEXT is expected to begin at the Dingolfing plant in 2021.

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