Is iPhone 13 battery smaller than iPhone 12 battery?
Is iPhone 13 battery smaller than iPhone 12 battery?

IPhone 12 series was released recently. We've heard reports of its successor, the iPhone 13, and heard two new rumors about the upcoming iPhone, although only one is specifically linked to the 2021 Apple smartphone.

The first rumors were about the iPhone 13's battery capacity (as mentioned by 9to5mac). "We hope the iPhone 13 will be the first iPhone model to use flexible and economical battery technology. Internally and cut costs," said renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned analyst and leaked from Apple News.

The flexible battery power technology is generally smaller than the technology currently used by the iPhone. This could help Apple keep offering smaller smartphones (like the iPhone 12 mini) or bring back the capacity. IPhone 13 has more battery than the currently used battery.

Either way, this means that if Apple maintains the same battery capacity between iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, the actual battery will be smaller.

The second rumor comes from (Patently Apple). The company has applied for a patent from Apple describing the (protective charge) mode of the iPhone. If you don't plug it in then the phone will not be fully charged. If you overcharge your smartphone, the battery's energy storage capacity will usually be reduced. Over time, you will see these results as your battery life decreases. Protective charging delays the phone from being fully charged until the time you choose.

This is very similar to the similar features on Sony Xperia phones. Use this feature to specify when the phone wakes up normally and the device is 100% charged at any time, so that you can operate the device at night without worrying about property damage.

Since this is a patent, we don't know if we will see this feature in future phones or iPhone 13s, but it will definitely be useful to people who have had bad experiences with battery life. iPhone in the past.

We don't know yet if this feature requires new hardware to start a new iPhone, or a feature that can be enabled via iOS software update. If so, it could mean that existing iPhone users can benefit from the technology in the future.

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